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For Parents

I cannot over-emphasise that YOU, as a parent need to take back the responsibility of educating your children and play a more active role in teaching them many of these skills, or at least assist them to practice what they learn from YE at home. The more you personally invest in teaching your kids about money and business, the smarter …

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How to raise Money-Smart Kids?

A three hour programme for parents on how to raise money-smart kids. Responsible money management is an important life skill — and one that should be taught to kids. We believe that the earlier kids are taught, the greater the likelihood of their financial success throughout life. Most parents feel it is their responsibility to teach their kids about money …

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How to raise Business-Minded Children?

A three hour programme for parents on how to raise entrepreneurial minded children. This step-by-step guide will blow your mind. Cultivating entrepreneurship in the young is vital, as children are born imaginative, energetic, and willing to take risks, but without entrepreneurial teaching, the enterprising spirit of children dramatically declines over time and is almost non-existent by the time they graduate …

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Holiday Programmes

Entrepreneurship Holiday Programmes Kids (ages 7 to 12) are taught the basics of starting their own small business over four days. The programmes are filled with interesting and fun activities, including making their own products, video clips, games and learning about selling and advertising their products. A market day is held at the end of the process in which they …

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