Business Savvy

GRADE 1 & 2


GRADE 3 - 6


GRADE 7 - 9


This programme uses characters, stories, presentations, interactive tools and play to develop students understanding of money and business. Students develop basic financial literacy, innovation and self-confidence skills.  This programme is conducted in a small group setting to ensure that maximum creativity is encouraged and that the intended knowledge and experience to spark the entrepreneurial spirit is fostered.

Students receive a “Business in a Backpack” that provide the raw materials and resources to make a product and launch a fully-fledged micro-enterprise. Students are exposed to the processes and traits/behaviours associated with entrepreneurial success. Students will acquire the basic business knowledge and skills that are prerequisites for becoming a successful entrepreneur. The mindset learned through this programme boosts essential EQ and 21st century readiness skills.


Millionaire Mindset

Through fun board games, interactive activities and videos students are exposed to vital financial literacy principles. Topics expand students’ knowledge about responsible money management within the context of a bigger economic system. Learn where money comes from, how to budget and managing money are crucial skills that students will master in a fun way.


AGES 16 - 18

Licence To Lead

1) The Licence 2 Lead programme equips students with specific attributes that promote employability, workplace readiness and /or the ability to start their own businesses. Students are taken out of their comfort zones, pushed to expand their boundaries and get to know themselves better. Students are exposed to their interested field of work through holiday internships, job shadowing, and industry-specific expert mentoring.

2) The Young Millionaire programme is based on the book “How to become a millionaire at 22” authored by Albert van Wyk.

Themes covered include; You have the Power to create your own reality, Success or failure does not define you, Think like a Millionaire – change your mind-set, Step Up and set goals that keep you accountable, How to start, Money creates money = keep your rabbits, Make a Change – we need you!





You are a young and ambitious graduate or almost graduate that struggles to find employment and the thought of starting a business feels beyond reach. We have the solution. Bypass barriers to entry into traditional employment & business by launching yourself in the GIG economy. Enquire about our life changing programme, LaunchPad.



Given to what extent the world of work has changed and the subsequent breakdown of the educational system, there has never been a more important time to empower and capacitate our children to be the authors of their own destiny.