Are we drugging our children to fit in?

Despite the fact that our school system inadequately and ill prepares our children for the world of work and business we have another problem: we (South Africa) have one of the highest rates among children of Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the world. Why do I draw this correlation you may ask? Well let’s consider the following: in terms of the quality of primary education we are ranked 133rd out of 144 countries. The quality of our education system in general ranks 140th out of 144 countries and to make things even worse, we ranked dead last for the quality of our math and science education.

We know that the school system recognises primarily one genius, the verbal-linguistic, thus making it a one-size-fits-all type of system, which is good for about 30 percent of the kids and horrible for all the others. The school system is not really a system of education as much as a system of elimination. For 7 out of 10 children the curriculum and system in general are boring. Also, if you only cater for 3 out of 10 children then you have an outdated school system with a teaching deficiency instead of the children having all kinds of learning disabilities and disorders.

Yes, this is why every second child is on medication – to make them manageable and fit into a flawed system.

A parent’s most important job is to keep their children’s geniuses and their love of learning alive, especially if the children do not like school. As a parent you have to mold, nurture, and protect your child’s perception of him- / herself. Find out your children’s natural genius, find out what they are interested in learning, and keep them excited about learning, even if it is not in school.