Be Centsable: BizTeens

This distinctive programme is for teens in Grade 7-9. This programme recognises that teenagers are serious spenders and that it is essential to instil proper financial management practices and habits. Lessons in this programme focus on the following topics:

  • The importance of financial management; • The odds of winning with gambling from a probability perspective; • Responsible spending to improve the quality of life of others & to protect the environment; • Standard of living, quality of life & cost of living explained; • Currency and international trade; • The economy revealed; • The different forms of tax & how they are calculated; • Credit & Debit Cards – the good, the bad & the ugly; • Possible career options, the impact of education & earning potential; • Developing a budget for spending, saving, sharing & investing; • Understanding saving from a simple & compound interest perspective; • Evaluate monetary & non-monetary forms of giving; • The difference between needs, wants, assets & liabilities; • Understanding investment growth, losses, risk & reward by developing & tracking a stock portfolio; • What is insurance & how it works?

Average lesson duration: 75 minutes per week

Suitable for ages: 13 – 15 years (7th – 9th Grade)

Please note that Be Centsable BizKids is presented on three experiential levels. A child can begin at any stage and one level is not a prerequisite for the next.

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