Be Centsable: Kidpreneurs

This unique programme is for kids in Grade 3-6 and is also conducted in a small group setting. Kids are exposed to a broad range of topics that will expand their knowledge about responsible money management within the context of a bigger economic system. Some of the main topics that are covered, include:

  • How the economy works; • Key functions of banks in relation to lending & borrowing; • Understanding tax; • Comparing various payment methods; • The earning potential of various jobs; • Currency conversions; • Needs & wants in perspective; • Setting short- and long-term financial goals; • The different categories within a budget; • Saving money & the different options in this regard; • To be a smart shopper & assessing value for money; • The importance of charitable giving; • Understand what investment means and options in this regard.

Average lesson duration: 60 minutes per week

Suitable for ages: 9 – 12 years (3rd – 6th Grade)

Please note that Be Centsable Kidpreneurs is presented on four experiential levels. A child can begin at any stage and one level is not a prerequisite for the next.

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