Be Centsable: Minipreneurs

“It is never too early”. This unique programme is for kids in the foundation phase and are conducted in a small group setting. We allow kids to “experience” money and gain relevant knowledge about money – where it comes from and the choices they have in either saving, spending or sharing it. This programme covers, amongst others, the following topics:

  • What money is, what role it plays and how it changed over the years; • Key features & differences in our coins and banknotes; • Where money comes from; • The flow of money; • What banks do; • Different methods to pay for things; • Differentiating between needs & wants; • Setting money goals; • Understanding a budget; • The importance of saving money; • The balance between spending and saving; • The significance of sharing.

Average lesson duration: 60 minutes per week

Suitable for ages: 7 – 8 years (1st and 2nd Grade)

Please note that Be Centsable Minipreneurs is presented on two experiential levels. Grade 1 kids do Level 1 and Grade 2 kids do Level 2. However, Level 1 is not a prerequisite for Level 2.

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