Entrepreneurship: BizTeens

The main Goal and Idea behind the BizTeens programme is to allow the children to start a “real” business that can sustain itself throughout their high school years and even thereafter. Students will be exposed to the processes and traits / behaviours associated with entrepreneurial success. They will also acquire the basic business knowledge and skills that are prerequisites for becoming a successful entrepreneur and learn the business activities performed by entrepreneurs in managing the business, including financial management, human resource management, information management, marketing management, operations management, risk management, and strategic management.

Even if these students do not continue to become entrepreneurs, the skills learned through this programme will boost their workplace readiness, an essential aspect neglected by our school system.

Suitable for ages: 13 – 15 years (7th – 9th Grade)

Average lesson duration: 75 minutes per week

Layout in weeks: 15 Weeks: Entrepreneurship, 15 Weeks: Financial Literacy

Please note that BizTeens is presented on three experiential levels. A child can begin at any stage and one level is not a prerequisite for the next.

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