How to Encourage Your Children to be Entrepreneurial Kids

What encouraged your entrepreneurial bent? For some of us, it was our parents that owned their own business but for others, it was their parent’s encouragement to be innovative and to work hard for success. So, what can we pass on to our children that will encourage them to be entrepreneurial kids?


According to The National Association for Education of Young Children, decades of research suggest just that, free and guided play—together known as playful learning are pedagogical tools through which children can learn in joyful and conceptually rich ways.  Use this valuable information to encourage your kids to be entrepreneurs. What one could do is encourage them to run a grocery shop while you get your ingredients out for cooking supper. Another example could be to bake cupcakes with them and have them sell the cupcakes to other family members. These are great learning opportunities as you act out all the entrepreneurial steps involved and explain what’s happening as you play.


Besides acting out being an entrepreneur to encourage your children to be entrepreneurial kids, you can physically model the functions and characteristics of an entrepreneur. I remember helping my dad every Saturday in his office. I started out making photocopies at 5 years of age, but then I progressed onto sending faxes, filing, handling money correctly. When I eventually graduated from school, he was confident to give me a small business to run because I had walked his entrepreneurial journey with him. He knew what I knew and he knew what I was capable of.  What I also noticed working with my dad was that it takes hard work to be an entrepreneur. Model diligent hard work to your children and get them involved in your work and you will encourage them to be entrepreneurial kids.


Kids have great imaginations. Let them run with their entrepreneurial ideas even when the idea doesn’t sound like a good one. They will gain confidence as you support their creativity, which will encourage them to be entrepreneurial kids. Successful businesses come from entrepreneurs being curious about something, discovering a need and then finding the best way to fulfil that need. This takes creativity, so encourage it while they are naturally wired to be creative.


When your entrepreneurial kid experiences failure it’s time to learn not gloom. Every failure will have a valuable learning point. Help your child see the lesson to be learnt and grow from it to encourage them to be entrepreneurial kids.

Encourage your children to be entrepreneurial kids by playing and modelling entrepreneurial functions and characteristics. Allow them also to be creative and when they fail, be ready to help them learn from it.