How to give your child a rich life – without raising entitled kids (Rule 9)

Rule 9

Educate yourself

You aren’t raising your child in a vacuum. Our culture is centered around consumption – accumulating more and more stuff. You and your kids are surrounded by messages that buying stuff will make your life better, and it’s so hard not to respond to that drumbeat.

Notice a thread here? If kids today feel entitled, it’s not because they’re “bad”.  It’s because we’re raising them in a culture of entitlement, one that values acquiring stuff over developing our unique gifts to contribute to the world, and even over being a good human being. It’s because when they want connection and validation, we give them stuff. To help kids change, we have to examine our own lives and assumptions.

The good news is that these practices do work to raise kids who aren’t “entitled”. What’s more, they make your life better. Because when we take the emphasis off stuff, we shift it to where it belongs: Connecting and contributing, which create lasting, rather than momentary, happiness.

Source: Dr Laura Markham