How to raise Money-Smart Kids?

A three hour programme for parents on how to raise money-smart kids. Responsible money management is an important life skill — and one that should be taught to kids. We believe that the earlier kids are taught, the greater the likelihood of their financial success throughout life. Most parents feel it is their responsibility to teach their kids about money management, and many have tried. But a vast majority of parents feel they have not been very successful at it. They feel they don’t have the information they need, and they don’t know how to approach the subject with kids of different ages.

This programme will give you the information and skills you need to communicate effectively with your children about important money matters. We hope that it will also make you more aware of your own behaviour around money and the type of financial role model you are to your kids currently — and the type of role model you can become. It may also lead to improvements in your own financial health as you become more skilled in understanding, practising, and explaining money management.