Independent Thinking Skills … the path to success

Being an independent thinker will enable you to increase performance, productivity, efficiency and to reach a greater level of self-awareness.

Mastering independent thinking empowers a kid to develop critical problem solving skills and is a tool that can be used to enhance personal expression and creative ability. Independent thinkers are also good team leaders because they consider different backgrounds and ideas of their team and they help foster solutions to problems.

High self-esteem however, is the single most distinguishing characteristic of any creative thinker and is often what propels individual thinking, performance and success. Persistence, belief, independence, self-esteem, confidence, determination and creative awareness are just some of the qualities that an independent thinker will bring to the table. These qualities, and others, will enable him/her to become more innovative in their thinking and will help them create the best opportunities.

It is also important to note that you need independent thinking skills to become an entrepreneur. You must make decisions on your own, trust your gut, be persuasive and find new and creative ways to solve problems. It is thus important that parents learn and foster independent thinking in their kids. Some suggestions:

  • Encourage your kids to ask questions and make time to answer them properly
  • Let them solve problems and find solutions on their own
  • Encourage kids to experiment, and debrief whatever the outcome is
  • Allow your kids to disagree and let them explain their reasoning
  • Encourage respect for people and model how to disagree agreeably
  • Make room for the ‘individual’ in your child to grow
  • Allow your kids to fail
  • STOP the spoon-feeding – you are not promoting independent and balanced individuals

Happy parenting …..