Entrepreneurship: Minipreneurs

“It’s never too early”. This unique programme for kids in the foundation phase use characters, stories, presentations, interactive tools and play to help understand money and business, and develop basic financial literacy, self-confidence, self-expression, resilience and interpersonal skills. This programme is conducted in a small group setting to ensure that each kid’s creativity is encouraged and that he/she gains the intended knowledge and experience to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Suitable for ages: 7 – 8 years (1st and 2nd Grade)

Average lesson duration: 60 minutes per week

Layout in weeks: 15 Weeks: Entrepreneurship, 15 Weeks: Financial Literacy

Please note that Minipreneurs is presented on two experiential levels. Grade 1 kids do Level 1 and Grade 2 kids do Level 2. However, Level 1 is not a prerequisite for Level 2.

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