Entrepreneurship: Kidpreneurs

This programme guides elementary school children through the process of setting up a business and selling their own products. The students receive a “Business in a Backpack” that provide the raw materials and resources to make a product and launch a fully-fledged micro-enterprise. Yes, we take them through the whole entrepreneurial process – deciding on a product; naming the business; branding the business; market research; prototyping and production; costing; creating marketing material; and selling.

Suitable for ages: 9 – 12 years (3rd – 6th Grade)

Average lesson duration: 60 minutes per week

Layout in weeks: 15 Weeks: Entrepreneurship, 15 Weeks: Financial Literacy

Please note that On Your Marks is presented on four experiential levels. A child can begin at any stage and one level is not a prerequisite for the next.

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