Our Island Lifestyle

We all look at society and engage with our immediate environments on a daily basis, but what we see and experience differ significantly. My reality is not necessarily your reality, or the reality of the person next to you. Our realities and what we perceive are predetermined by a magnitude of factors – upbringing, education, age, choice, etc.

Is your reality “real”, or have you decided to adopt an Island Lifestyle? Yes, we have Sandton Island, Clifton Island, Sandhurst Island, Westcliff Island, Dunkeld Island, Constantia Island, Government Island, Politician Island, to name but a few of many in this beloved country of ours. You have a wall around your house, security cameras and electric fencing. You own a car, have a job and your kids are in a relatively good school. You anticipate that your kids will go and study after school and, despite the “state of Zumaville”, you do believe that the future of this country holds more good than bad. No, nothing wrong with your lifestyle and nothing to feel guilty about. Some of you may have inherited your good fortune, were born at the right time or married the right person, but for the majority it came with very hard work. What IS wrong is ignorance. In a 5 km radius around your island are communities that face realities that you are unfamiliar with – dysfunctional schools, child-headed households, poverty, unemployment, and the list can go on and on.

What are you doing to make a difference? What sustainable impact do you have? What example are you setting for your children?

If your only contribution is complaining then you need to do some introspection. If nothing else, your contribution should be to raise kids that are able to confront whatever reality they encounter. We need kids that see opportunities where other see despair and for kids to realise that that their dreams are within their own sphere of influence.

Live the difference ……