Entrepreneurs Program for Bizteens (13-15yrs) Online Instructor-led



Business Savvy – Give your child a head start in life

  • Instruction: Instructor-led
  • Suitable Ages:    13-15 years (7th-9th Grade)
  • Duration:    15 Weeks
  • Lessons:    15 Lessons with 1 lesson per week of 75 min over 15 weeks.
  • Type or course:    Online Learning program.


The BizTeens programme allows teens to start a “real” business that can sustain itself throughout their high school years and even thereafter. Students will be exposed to the processes and traits / behaviours associated with entrepreneurial success. Students will acquire the basic business knowledge and skills that are prerequisites for becoming a successful entrepreneur. The skills learned through this programme boosts workplace readiness and essential EQ skills.

The main goal behind the BizTeens programme is to expose teens to the world of work and entrepreneurship. We allow the students to experiment with starting a business and the processes and behaviours associated with entrepreneurial success and failures. Students are taken through a step by step process of the entrepreneurial cycle.



  1. Introduction to the programme
  2. Skills and characteristics required to be an entrepreneur
  3. Screening business ideas and opportunities
  4. Writing a Business Plan
  5. Knowing your customers and market
  6. Naming a business and designing a logo
  7. Selecting a location for your business and scheduling trading hours
  8. Managing inventory
  9. Pricing products
  10. Budgeting for, finding and hiring employees
  11. Advertising, comparing, purchasing and designing advertising
  12. Using business reports
  13. Finalising my business plan
  14. How can I improve and develop my business
  15. Conclusion to the programme

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