Entrepreneurs Program for Minipreneurs (7-8yrs) Face-to-face Instructor-led



Business Savvy – Give your child a head start in life

  • Instruction: Instructor-led
  • Suitable Ages:    7-8 years (1st-2nd Grade)
  • Duration:    15 Weeks
  • Lessons:    15 Lessons with 1 lesson per week of 60 min over 15 weeks.
  • Type or course:    Face to face program.


Through fun games and play minipreneurs will be guided through the entrepreneurial cycle of staring their own business. Knowledge gained is practically applied to the micro – enterprise learners develop within the process. Students receive a business in a backpack with raw materials, workbook and stationery to work on throughout the process.



  1. What is a business?
    Contextualise the concepts of what is a: business, entrepreneur and minipreneur
  2. What will I Make?
    Deciding what product to make and sell
    Understanding raw materials and inventory
  3. What are we going to call our business?
    What methods can I use to decide on a Business Name
    Naming my business
  4. Our special logo?
    What is a logo and what is it used for?
    Creating a logo for my business
  5. Why am I starting this business?
    What will I do with the money I make?
    How do I create a plan for my business?
  6. Who will want to buy my products?
    Identifying customers
    Determining characteristics which will appeal to customers
  7. Planning and making a prototype?
    Step by step product planning
    Making a product
    Market research
  8. Making Products
    Developing a production line for my business
    Make my products
  9. How much to charge for my products?
    What is the cost of making my products?
    What can I sell my products for?
  10. How much money can I make?
    What costs must be subtracted?
    How do I calculate my profit?
    What will I do with the money I make?
  11. Why will people buy my products?
    What are the features and benefits of my product?
    Learn how to provide good customer service
  12. How can I market my business?
    Understand what is marketing
    Considering where products can be sold
    What advertisement material is needed?
  13. Final preparations for market day
    Final checklist and preparations for selling
  14. Conclusion and recap?
    Reflection of starting your own business
    Recap everything learnt
    Market research

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