Financial Literacy Program for Kidpreneurs (9-12yrs) Online Instructor-led


Millionaire Mindset – Give your child a head start in life

  • Instruction: Instructor-led
  • Suitable Ages:    9-12 years (3rd – 6th Grade)
  • Duration:    15 Weeks
  • Lessons:    15 Lessons with 1 lesson per week of 60 min over 15 weeks.
  • Type or course:    Face to face and as Online Learning program.


Through fun board games, interactive activities and videos students are exposed to vital financial literacy principles. Topics expand their knowledge about responsible money management within the context of a bigger economic system.

The interactive lessons of this course, conducted in a small group setting, facilitate the process of becoming financially literate as a child! Understanding the economic system around us, where money comes from, how to budget and manage money are crucial skills that students will master in a fun way.


  1. Our currency
  2. Our economy
  3. The role and functioning of banks
  4. What are taxes
  5. What is the best way to pay.
  6. Career Choices
  7. We travel overseas
  8. Buying decision to consider
  9. Setting goals for my future
  10. Introduction to budgeting
  11. Pay yourself first
  12. Becoming a savvy spender
  13. The importance of sharing
  14. Basic investing
  15. The big picture

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