Financial Literacy: Young Millionaires- Program for Young Adults (16-18yrs) Online Self paced

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Young Millionaire Programme

  • Instruction: Self paced
  • Suitable Ages:    16-18 years (10th-12th Grade)
  • Duration:    7 Weeks
  • Lessons:    7 Lessons with 1 lesson per week of 75 min.
  • Type or course:    Online Learning program.


The “Young Millionaire” course was written by Albert van Wyk and endorsed by Young Entrepreneurs

The Young Millionaire course was written to teach the correct financial tools and concepts that are not currently taught in schools. Albert shares experiences and lessons learned from his journey, of becoming a Self-made Millionaire at 22, in ways that is easy to understand and implement. The student will be equipped with the correct “millionaire” mind set and basics to kick-start their journey to become financially independent.

“The correct financial principles and thinking is the cornerstone to building long lasting wealth” – Albert van Wyk


  1. You Have the Power
  2. Think Like a Millionaire
  3. Step Up
  4. You Need money
  5. How to start
  6. Keep your rabbits
  7. Make a Change

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