Technology For You: Launchpad – Program for Adults (18yrs+) Online Self paced

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Technology Programs – Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Instruction: Self paced
  • Suitable Ages:    18+ years (Adults)
  • Duration:    13 Weeks
  • Lessons:    13 Lessons with 1 lesson per week of 75 min.
  • Type or course:    Face to face and as Online Learning program.


You are a young and ambitious graduate or almost graduate that struggles to find employment and the thought of starting a business feels beyond reach. We have the solution. Bypass barriers to entry into traditional employment & business by launching yourself in the GIG economy. Enquire about our life changing programme, LaunchPad.

Included in this programme:

  • Our 21st century skills toolkit
  • How to start a freelance business? Guide
  • One-on-one personal coaching
  • Exposure to industry experts
  • Industry experience and job shadowing



  1. Comprehend how the Fourth Industrial
    Revolution (4IR) is going to influence your career
  2. Get a proper understanding of changes
    in the world of work and business and how
    to proactively position yourself
  3. Be equipped with the skills and
    attributes that are needed for the 21st century.
    Skills and attributes covered:
    – Self-Leadership & Discovery – Diligence – Resilience – Growth Mindset – Communication & Networking – Teamwork & Collaboration – Innovation – Complex Problem Solving – Digital Literacy – A brand called “Me”
  4. Discover yourself
    (strengths, weaknesses, purpose, passion)
  5. Unbundle your degree and
    identify a skill set that can be commercialised
  6. Be equipped to participate in the
    freelance (GIG) economy and bypass barriers
    to entry into traditional employment + business

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