Self-leadership in Perspective

What a better way to start 2017 than to focus on an essential attribute for personal and professional success – self-leadership. Self-leadership is the ability of someone to guide themselves to positive places that they have never been before. It enables a person to fulfil his/her potential while building a strong foundation from which to make daily decisions — both professionally and personally. In simple terms, self-leadership is the process by which you influence yourself to achieve your objectives and it impacts all aspect of your life, your health, your career and your relationships. It is your ability to masterfully lead yourself so you can create the success you want for yourself, your family, your business and your life.

Have you developed a sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability to influence your communication, emotions and behaviour on the way to getting there?

Many issues, which you might claim are someone else’s problems, are really your challenges and if you correct your behaviour, you will see dramatic and powerful changes in your life. As the leader of your life and business, you need to develop your self-leadership and model the behaviours and traits you desire from the people around you.

The first skill of self-leadership is to STOP and STEP BACK from the things that trigger us to react; because when we react we are being controlled by the trigger. The second skill is to consider our INTENTION. Intention is what is important to us, our values and what we are trying to achieve. By being intentional we can start to live a life of choice. Intention precedes any purposeful action (behaviour) – rather than a reaction.

INFLUENCE is the result of purposeful action. We must positively influence ourselves and the world around us if we are to make a change. IMPACT is how intention and influence are measured in the world.

January is self-leadership month at Young Entrepreneurs. Watch this space next week for more information on the topic.