Skills to Teach Your Young Entrepreneurs

Watching children negotiate among themselves when they all feel they should be the one calling the shots is a common scene when there is more than one child around. A child’s struggle for power isn’t only limited to peer interaction though. Children often test their boundaries with their parents to see how much authority they can have over them too.

This sweet independence of wanting to be a boss and leader is what entrepreneurship is all about, which is why kids and entrepreneurship are such an excellent match. Foster your child’s entrepreneurial spirit by guiding them to leadership and teaching them a few key entrepreneurial skills that will create a mindset that treats life’s hurdles as challenges to overcome.

Every entrepreneur needs to know how to deal with difficulties because difficulties are inevitable.  Resilience and determination will help them get back up when they are knocked down.  As a parent, we can inspire resilience by allowing children to express their emotions without us minimizing their feelings.

Creative thinking not only comes naturally to children it is also the thing that entrepreneurs base their empires on. Foster your child’s creativity by allowing them to play various games that aren’t limited to them being stuck on a PC or mobile phone.

Children need to learn the value of hard work. Build your child’s independence by giving them chores and responsibilities.  Let them make their own bed or help pack the dishwasher for a start. You should also lead by example, as children are impressionable from a very young age. Teaching a child, the value of hard work and working for something will go a long way in preparing them as young entrepreneurs.

Curiosity is a precursor to identifying ways to add to the world. Encourage your children to start new hobbies and pursue their interests no matter how unusual they may be. Through exploration, they will learn more about the world and discover their likes and dislikes.

One needs the self-confidence to take risks and see things through. Entrepreneurship is all about having confidence in your own ideas so encourage your child’s opinions and give them opportunities to make decisions. Let them make choices and then learn from the consequences.

Being relatable and supportive is an invaluable leadership skill. Show your child empathy by respecting their opinions and encouraging them to be open with their emotions.

Entrepreneurs are optimists. They champion a better product or better way of doing something. Optimism is contagious so be optimistic. Encourage positive thinking and share positive stories with them.

Corporate social responsibility is important so encourage your kids to help out in the neighbourhood or where they see a need. This will get them accustomed to giving back while creating a sense of responsibility towards the community.

Even though the fruit of these key skills may only be seen in many years to come when they start changing the world one idea at a time, there will be some visible results as they apply these skills to the various challenges every day brings.