Teach your kids to communicate effectively

This is a very important skill that every young person needs to learn. Most children today are terrible at face-to-face and telephone communication because of the popularity of social media and text messaging. Successful businesses require that people actually speak to one another. Teaching your children to communicate effectively will provide them with the winning edge in business and in their personal relationships.

Communicating effectively allows kids to articulate their ideas and speak their mind in a way that what they say is clearly understood. This gives them a winning edge in their personal and professional lives. Also, communication and Selling are two parts of the same coin …… This ability will last a lifetime because it is applied to all types of businesses and careers. From selling products and services to customers, to raising capital from investors, this skill is vital to the success of any business. No matter how good your product or your business is, if you don’t know how to communicate the offering, the business can’t scale.

How to teach:

  • First, lead by example. Teach your children to be polite and respectful. Most importantly, practice maintaining eye contact when speaking in person. When using the telephone, teach your children to speak slowly, clearly and confidently.
  • Have your kids stand up in front of groups and talk, play theatre, perform music or whatever else allows them to convince a larger audience with their performance. Tell them to speak boldly and support their points convincingly.
  • When it comes to written communication, encourage your kids to write grammatically correct sentences that flow logically, and to avoid abbreviated words and phrases that might cause misunderstandings. These will be extremely useful in the future as adults and business owners. Practice communicating to your children with e-mails.
  • Teach them that when communicating – be it in person, over the phone, in e-mail, or SMS your message needs a Headline + Body + Summary. Make it clear, sharp, and to the point. Use bullet points. Use big fonts and highlights important sections.
  • Force your kids to READ!!!