Ways to Teach your Kids to be Young Entrepreneurs

Cameron Herold, a world renown business coach and mentor, suggests that kids that are bored in school, failing classes and not fitting in with peers, might, in fact, end up an entrepreneur. This is because entrepreneurs tend to see the world a little differently, which is a good thing. This perspective of seeing the world is what helps people create new useful things. Here are a few ways to teach your kids to be young entrepreneurs whether they are demonstrating these characteristics or not.


Instead of teaching your child to expect a regular pay-cheque by giving them pocket money, teach them that money comes in when you find ways of making it. Entrepreneurs do not expect a regular pay-cheque so get them used to the concept.  This approach to pocket money encourages kids to be creative in ways to make money. Kids can negotiate a price for chores done around the home or make things to sell for pocket money. Let them be young entrepreneurs by allowing them to think up ways to make money.


Instead of reading a story to your kids every night allow them to make up a story for you by making use of a few props that you give them. This will help foster their creativity and teach them to sell with confidence. Make this a fun time and let it be a time where their confidence can grow. One should try not to correct and change their story as they share. Run with it. Show emotion. If they speak of something scary show fear. Laugh easily and show appreciation for their efforts to sell you a story.


Stories are not the only things you should get your kids to sell though. Allow your children to go through their belongings and have them sell the things that they don’t want on Gumtree or OLX. Get them involved in pricing and advertising their things. This will teach kids to be young entrepreneurs.

Even though some kids may be more inclined to entrepreneurship than others, it is still available to everyone because it is a skill that can also be learnt. Entrepreneurship is an essential skill in the 21st century so one should teach your kids how to be young entrepreneurs. Let them earn their pocket money in creative ways and let them sell their unused things to others and sell their stories to you.