What is a Young Entrepreneur?

A Young Entrepreneur is someone that smiles at the future because they possess the keys to success.  So, what does this smiling Young Entrepreneur look like?

A Young Entrepreneur is money-smart.  They are financially literate, which means that they can make effective money management decisions like how to earn money, save for short and long-term goals, spending choices and the consequences of those choices, when to give to others, the purpose of bank accounts, budgeting and the difference between needs and wants.

A Young Entrepreneur is business-minded.  To think like an entrepreneur means that they depend on themselves for their own success while being creative, independent confident thinkers.

A Young Entrepreneur is skilful.  They possess all the reading, writing, communicating, problem-solving, critical thinking and technological skills necessary to succeed in the 21st-century job market.

A Young Entrepreneur is socially aware.  They use business to do good and drive social and environmental change.

A Young Entrepreneur is motivated.  They set goals, maintain a positive attitude, they are passionate, practice self-talk, they confront challenges and acknowledge reward from success.

A Young Entrepreneur is confident.  They are secure in themselves and their abilities because of the solid foundation they have from the knowledge they’ve gained and experience they’ve earned through our programs.

A Young Entrepreneur is creative.  Children have a natural inclination to creativity.  Our young entrepreneurs are encouraged to foster this creativity and be innovative.

A Young Entrepreneur is diligent.  They show care and conscientiousness in their work as they understand the value of good work.  They decide to work rather than procrastinate by choosing actions moment-to-moment that work towards their goals.

A Young Entrepreneur is resilient.    They have the skills needed to deal with the challenges of life that will come by being versatile and adaptable.

A Young Entrepreneur is innovative.  They are courageous enough to introduce original ideas.

A Young Entrepreneur is responsible.  They are willing to be held accountable for their actions rather than blame shift.

The youth in South Africa contribute to around 36% to the total population.  Imagine our next generation possessed these qualities.  By inspiring and changing the lives of children to be successful we will change the future of South Africa.