It’s here! The long June school holiday. Kids and parents have been looking forward to this holiday all year. Three weeks of not having to worry about packing lunches, checking homework or driving kids around. The only concern now is the dreaded, “I’m bored”, that gets chanted daily by kids used to being stimulated at school. An easy solution is to enrol your child in a holiday programme. Most cities offer a variety of programmes so how do you choose? A wise decision would be to choose an enriching programme like financial literacy. Use this opportunity to fill the obvious gap in the school curriculum.


Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to make effective and informed money management decisions. It includes a whole range of money topics like how to earn money, saving for short and long-term goals, spending choices and the consequences of those choices, when to give to others, the purpose of bank accounts, budgeting and the difference between needs and wants.

Money is something kids will learn about from other children, which may result in incorrect habits. As a parent, you want to be involved in helping your child discover the relationship between earning, spending and saving. You don’t want them to think that wealth comes from luck because of something a friend said. Kids also learn indirectly by watching their parents manage money. This may be a positive or negative learning experience for your child. Parents also have many opportunities to directly teach wise money management. They, therefore, play a vital part in teaching their children financial literacy and Young Entrepreneurs can assist with that.


Young Entrepreneurs believes that financial literacy is a base requirement, which is just as important as English literacy. We also believe that everybody should acquire it at an early age because financial habits will stay with you into your adulthood and set the tone for future accomplishments or failures. Young Entrepreneurs holiday programmes teach everything that relates to money in a fun and interactive way. Developing these vital skills while having fun is the most effective way for kids to learn. We know how to reach the minds of kids at their different learning stages so that these principles become a part of their natural thinking. Our goal is to teach children to become more skilled in practising proper money management through play and games.